Rising Sun Motors
4.94/5.00, based on 53 ratings; 41 user reviews

  Barbara, 03/15/2018

We have trusted Rising Sun with our cars for over 30 years. We believe they never do a repair that isn't necessary. On older cars they sometimes explain options to save us money. Often the final price is lower than the earlier estimate.

  Laura, 03/09/2018

They are always honest and do a great job.

  Esmeralda, 03/08/2018

Excellent service

  Lynne, 03/08/2018

I have been taking my cars to Rising Sun for many years-I even continue to use their services after I moved 50 miles away-

  Robert, 03/01/2018

We have taken our cars to Rising Sun for probably 30 years. We are very happy with the service we have received. Probably even more important is the fact that we can trust the workmanship and honesty of the employees. Sylvia and Robert Lewis

  Upal, 02/22/2018

I went to Rising Sun Motors to fix a headlight that wasn't working. I've read about them in the repairpal website. They were very nice and very professional. There is a nice waiting area adjacent to the office with coffee machine and wifi. I asked them to check for other issues with the car (my car if pretty old) and they did that without any extra charge. Even gave me discount for a new customer. The only thing that could have put me into some trouble is the following. It took them about an hour to fix the light and they reported me nicely about some issues with the car. I checked the light, was satisfied, and came back home. I parked the car in front of my home and walked to my university (around 3:30pm). I came back at 10:00pm. When I approached my home, I looked at the front of my car and 'very luckily' (because it was dark) saw that my parking permit is looking a little weird. In my neighborhood (college park), your parking permit needs to be visible in front, and I had that hanged on my rear-view mirror. So I came closer and saw that there is something else hanging in front and my permit is not visible at all! I got inside and looked at the object. It was a rising sun motor advertisement with a detachable card from the mechanic who fixed the headlight! At my neighborhood, you'll usually get a ticket for parking without a permit within an hour or two. I was very lucky that I got away with this even though my car was parked without a permit for over 6 hours. I think the employees of rising sun motors should be much more sensible so that they do not unintentionally cause troubles such as this.

  Bill, 02/15/2018

Great Work, Great Service, Great People. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

  Mike, 02/06/2018

Maybe a little more expensive than other garages but they do great work and are very friendly and accommodating.

  Earl, 01/16/2018

Rising Sun Motors does great work, and the people are all both highly competent and extremely friendly. The only "disadvantage" to Rising Sun is that it is not open on weekends or between Christmas and New Year's--but that is a GOOD thing for its employees, who get to work regular hours and get a week off. I appreciate the shuttle van and the other extra touches. I highly recommend Rising Sun Motors.

  Richard, 12/23/2017

service is prompt and professional. I have used them many times..

  Kate, 11/30/2017

Rising Sun always have been honest with what was needed, if anything. I trust my car is going to be fixed well and in a timely manner.

  Laura, 11/17/2017

Great service and staff. The mechanics are certified, and the staff doesn't seem to turn over, so they get to know customers and their cars. They often suggest less expensive repairs than I thought I needed, and they help me determine what has to be done vs. what is more cosmetic or can wait.

  Nel, 11/13/2017

Rising Sun Motors is the benchmark for car service and pricing. Other car services will tell you they are cheaper or have better service than Rising Sun Motors. They have it posted in their waiting room. Don't go for second best; go for the best...go to Rising Sun Motors!

  Steve, 11/02/2017

The wonderful people at Rising Sun have been keeping our cars running smoothly for over 10 years. They have an expert team of knowledgeable and ethical mechanics that are willing to explain the problems and work with us to find the solution to best meet our needs and budget.

  James, 10/05/2017

I'm a fan of RSM. They are friendly, straightforward, prompt, reasonable with pricing, and the courtesy van is an added bonus so that I don't miss work.

  Bill, 09/28/2017

They are not the cheapest folks around, but you get what you pay for: great and reliable technical information and service, and great customer service. I trust these folks, and I have been trusting them since the early 80's.

  , 09/20/2017

Excellent service

  Joseph, 09/14/2017

Rising Sun has consistently given me solid, straightforward advice about my car, and always lets me know how much service will cost before they do the work. I appreciate the way they do business and it's why I keep coming back.

  Gardell, 09/12/2017

Excellent shop. Great work. Straight shooters. Always provide options to keep your car safe and in top shape.

  Mary, 09/08/2017

Always prompt, thorough, and friendly! I've been a satisfied customer for many years.